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Timetable of Activities at Far Peak Climbing

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Fri 12 Jul
Mon 15 Jul

You can book upto 180 days in the future.

This pass is valid for a full day on the date booked. This pass is for adults who wish to come climbing on the ropes and auto belays and do not require an instructor. What you will be able to do is dependent on your skill level. Competent climbers are able to climb on the roped walls, auto belays and the boulder walls provided they have completed a belay check at Far Peak. Climbers unable to pass the belay check will only be able to boulder and will not be able to use the auto belays. Please see below for a definition of a competent climber.

Our qualified staff define a competent climber as:
  • A person who can demonstrate safe working practices when belaying and climbing on a top rope
  • A person who clearly understands the risks involved when climbing and can manage these risks for themselves and any novice climbers they are supervising
Skills include:
  • Correctly fitting safe and recognised climbing equipment to themselves and others
  • Using a safe and recognised climbing knot to tie in
  • Adopting a safe technique to belay their climbing partner
  • Bouldering with diligence and respect for other users
  • Understanding the additional risks associated with the use of auto-belays and specific climbing equipment (lead climbing, training room apparatus etc).
If you need to book a climbing instructor, please visit

Booking Notes:

If there are spaces available for climbing:
1 - One session is for one climber.
2 - You can add more climbers from the Extras Menu.

3 - To activate the members price, you need to choose a membership.  
4 - If you purchase a session card, it will be ready added to your account on the next session you book, not on the current.